Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Superheroes Run and Deal with the Law

High Point, North Carolina recently held a Superhero 10k run, where participants were encouraged to dress up as superheroes.You can read more about it and see the full gallery here.

Unleash The Fanboy has a review of the new book "The Law of Superheroes", put together by the same folks behind the website Law and the Multiverse, where the lawyers/authors explore legal issues that might arise for superheroes.

Phoenix Jones recently defended himself against a racist aggressor who threatened to follow Jones home unless he fought him, to which Jones finally agreed after trying to convince the man otherwise and trying to leave, and quickly knocks the man out. The whole thing was recorded by one of Jones' associates, and is apparently completely legal under Washington State's "Mutual Combat Law" since both parties agreed. You can read more about the incident here and here, and an official statement from the police detailing the Mutual Combat Law here.

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