Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Infamous Dictators Reimagined as Anime Ladies

From Japan, a new book featuring biographies of 40 dictators was recently released, with the twist that it includes illustrations of the dictators drawn by famous Japanese artists as women, in an anime style, with several done in the "cute girl" moé sub-style.
(At right, Adolf Hitler, Joseph Stalin, & Omar al-Bashir)
While turning things into anime-style characters has been popular lately, the book, Nyotai ka!! Sekai no Dokusaisha Retsuden (にょたいか!!世界の独裁者列伝 or loosely, "In Female Form?! Biographies of World Dictators"), has been criticized by some for "trivializing" the dictators with the depictions, although some have said that some of the images, like the one of Pol Pot at right, can make the dictator appear more frightening. More information and a gallery of some of the images can be found at
If you want to see anime-styled personifications of the nations of the world, check out the Hetalia series.
And if you wanted to know which dictator has been responsible for the most deaths, you can check this infographic from

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