Wednesday, December 26, 2012

City votes Mayor "Supervillian of Year"

Rob Ford, mayor of Toronto, Canada, has been voted "Supervillain of 2012" in a poll conducted by news site, and one of his biggest opponents in City Council was voted "Superhero of 2012". Ford has been significantly criticized in recent months for a wide range of issues including several driving altercations, attempts to buy city property, regularly leaving meetings to oversee a highschool football team, firing the city's popular public transit manager for telling Ford that his plans would be too expensive for the city's budget, cutting funding to youth outreach and anti-gang programs, and regularly insulting minorities, LGTB activists and anyone else who disagreed with him. He has recently been found guilty of breaking Conflict of Intrest laws and been ordered to vacant his position, although he has been granted a stay until his appeal is heard in January. The full article on what won Ford a vote he probably didn't want can be read here.

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